About Me


Hi! I'm Paul, an undergraduate majoring in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Statistics at the University of Pennsylvania. I am fortunate to be doing research with Nadia Heninger. I enjoy cryptography, math, and historical biographies. My other hobbies include running, yoga, listening to podcasts, drinking hot chocolate, and making a variety of oatmeal. I am also very fond of cats.


Post-Quantum RSA. Daniel J. Bernstein, Nadia Heninger, Paul Lou, and Luke Valenta. PQCrypto 2017.

TA Experience

CIS-262: Theory of Computation, Fall 2016.
CIS-380: Operating Systems, Fall 2017.
CIS-548: Operating Systems (Graduate Version), Spring 2018.


B.S.E. Computer Science, Mathematics. Expected 2019.
B.S. Economics, Concentration in Statistics. Expected 2019.
Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology

Contact me!

You can contact me by email: plou [AT] seas [DOT] upenn [DOT] edu.