About Me


Hi! I'm Paul, an undergraduate majoring in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Statistics at the University of Pennsylvania. I am fortunate to be doing research with Nadia Heninger. During the 2016 fall, I was a teaching assistant for the undergraduate Theory of Computation course. I enjoy cryptography, math, and historical biographies. My other hobbies include running, yoga, listening to podcasts, drinking hot chocolate, and making a variety of oatmeal. I am also very fond of cats.


Post-Quantum RSA. Daniel J. Bernstein, Nadia Heninger, Paul Lou, and Luke Valenta. PQCrypto 2017.


B.S.E. Computer Science, Mathematics. Expected 2019.
B.S. Economics, Concentration in Statistics. Expected 2019.
Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology

Contact me!

You can contact me by email: plou [AT] seas [DOT] upenn [DOT] edu.