About me


Hi! I'm Paul. I recently finished my undergraduate degrees majoring in computer science, mathematics, and statistics at the University of Pennsylvania. I've been fortunate to work on research projects with Nadia Heninger. Generally, I'm interested in both applied and theoretical aspects of cryptography. I'm also interested in systems building related to computer security. My research experiences include implementing and designing bignum parallelized computational number theory algorithms related to cryptography and theoretical exploration of lattice reduction algorithms.

My other hobbies include alpine skiing, running, yoga, listening to podcasts, drinking hot chocolate, and making a variety of oatmeal. I am also fond of animals.



CIS-556: Cryptography (Graduate-level)

Fall 2018, TA, UPenn.

CIS-548: Operating Systems (Graduate-level)

Spring 2018, TA, UPenn.

CIS-380: Operating Systems

Fall 2017, TA, UPenn.
Fall 2018, Head TA, UPenn

CIS-262: Theory of Computation

Fall 2016, TA, UPenn.


Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology
B.S.E. Computer Science, Mathematics. University of Pennsylvania. December 2018.
B.S. Economics, Concentration in Statistics. The Wharton School. December 2018.

Contact me!

You can contact me by email: plou [AT] seas [DOT] upenn [DOT] edu.